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Evangelistic Horizons Unlimited Incorporated, dba Camp Horizon is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit corporation.

About 65% of our income comes from Tuition/Fees.

About 35% of our operating funds come from donations and ALL of our capital expenses (upgrades, renovations, additions) come from donations.

Within the limits of our budget we do not turn campers away because they cannot pay full price.

Use OpenDNS   

OpenDNS is used at Camp Horizon to protect our staff and guests when they surf the web. There is a free personal version that we recommend for families. YOU DECIDE WHAT WEB CONTENT TO BLOCK.


The programmers at CampTrak have been working on issues that you have reported to us.  The only issue remaining is that discounts are not being applied correctly to each week of camp.  We have to manually adjust those, but if you click the applicable discounts they will be applied.

If you tried to register but closed your browser without finishing we may be able to complete the registration for you. Just send us an email ( and give us the camper name, weeks of camp, and any premium activities (skiing/tubing or wall climbing).  Include a phone number in case there is not enough information to complete the process.  

If you want to add a premium activity, send us an email.  Once that activity has been added, you can log into the registration balance link (Summer Camp 2015 Tab) and see/pay for that activity.  You can add spending money this way as well.

The Pay Balance link can also be used to view which weeks of camp your child is registered for, if you registerd for a premium activity, how much spending money you haved prepaid, and if you registered for the South Florida Van. These are common questions and the answers are now online in your family account.

The South Florida Van is a separate registration and payment. This can be added at any time as well.  You have to select the pickup/dropoff locations (camptrak calls these "activities") which charge you $10 each ($20 round-trip).  This does not cover the actual cost of the transportation. It is a registration fee. Those funds are used for camper tuition assistance.  The vehicles and drivers are provided as a donation/service to this ministry.


Online Registration links are on the following pages

Summer Camp 2015
Summer Staff Volunteers 2015

Audio & Video Library

YouTube video (J1 2014)


Evangelistic Horizons Unlimited Inc.(dba Camp Horizon) does not solicit donations from the general public.  This link is provided at the request of and for the use of our family of donors. 


Payments are processed by MinistryLinq on our behalf on their secure website.  When you click this link you will leave the website.



 Monday, Tuesday, & Friday: 9:00 - 5:00 and by appointment

 Contact Information

Telephone         352-728-5822
Toll-Free Fax: (new)   888-280-1782
 Camp Horizon Administration
 Director   Steve Slusser
 Maintenance Manager   Ralph VanDemark
 Food Service Manager   Kitty Slusser
 Camp Registrar   Lucy VanDemark
Mailing Address:
Evangelistic Horizons Unlimited Inc dba Camp Horizon is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Florida.
Camp Horizon