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Thank you all for praying!

COVID-19 UPDATE (June 8, 2020)

The Governor of Florida announced that Summer Youth Camps may open.  Until notified otherwise, we will continue with our plan to have camps in July. 

The board elected to contine transportation to/from South Florida, but with only one point of contact - Pembroke Pines.  This will allow a nurse or other qualified health care provider to pre-check all campers prior to being permitted on the van.  Sorry, but the PGA stop has been cancelled for 2020.

As of June 8 we had most camps full. Based on the number of transportation reservations, we decided to run only one van. There are lots of difficult decisions this year. This was one of them.

A committee continues to meet weekly to review the ever changing CDC and State of Florida updates. Some of the things we are working on are program related and are a work in progress.  There is enough information that has been provided for a parent to make an informed decision about their child on the  Camper Health & Safety page. Check weekly for updates.

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