American Heritage Girls Camp Deep Waters

This event is for registered members of AHG troops only.  It is hosted at Camp Horizon and we provide online registration and support services.  However, the camp committee is responsible for the program content.

An email was sent to all registered campers including Adult Leaders.  The content of that email is contained below without the personal information.


ARRIVAL: 2:00 - 3:30

  • Registration is in the chapel (first building - look for the screen porch)
  • Parking is on either side of the road by the chapel.
  • Do not drive anywhere else on the campground.
  • Masks are required for entry into the Camp Office or Dining Hall during registration.
  • Registration fees should be paid in full.
  • Spending for Snak Shak can be added during registration.

DEPARTURE: 10:00 AM Saturday


If you are sending your child with a group, make sure that they have all of their forms. 
These are AHG required forms!

The portfolio version has the forms as separate files (best choice) - Requires Adobe Reader.

The portfolio version has all the he forms in one file (best choice).

Camp Deep Waters Forms Portfolio

Individual Forms 

2021 Handbook

Covid Tracking Form

Health and Medical Form

High Adventure Form

Permission & Liability Release  Form

Medication Administration Form

Swim Test Classification

Trip Activity or Event Permission


Login using the registration link:
1) You can Make a Payment if you have a balance due. (Quick Access or Finance)
2) You can update personal information, phone, email, etc (Contacts or Campers)
3) You can update online forms (All should have a green check)
4) Under Medical: Update Allergies, Over-The-Counter Meds, & Prescription Meds
5) You can invite folks to send camper messages (One-Way Communication)

MEDICATIONS (and supplements)

There are three forms under +MEDICAL that you may want to edit at this point.

1. Allergies (includes "keeping an inhaler" under other).
NOTE: Food Allergies / Prescription Diet needs are located here as well.
2. Over the Counter - Choose All or None, or anything in between.
3. "Add Medication" This is important!

  • Enter all meds to be brought by the camper (Presecription, Over the Counter, or supplements).
  • All medications/supplements must be in their original container - no bags/daily pill boxes can be accepted.
    • The RN practices under the Florida Nurse Practice Act (It is the law!)
    • Prescription Mecations may be dispensed only on the order of a licensed provider.
    • The original prescription label IS THE PHYSICIAN (OR LP) ORDER.
    • No original bottle / no order / cannot be dispensed.
  • Supplements and over the counter meds may be given with parent permission.
    • The RN must verify that they are giving any medication/supplement according to age/weight guidelines.
    • Without the original container, the nurse cannot verify the substance or administration guidelines.
  • ORIGINAL BOTTLES: If you have an old bottle - put the extras (for you to keep) in the old bottle at home.
  • Campers may keep an emergency inhaler (as long as the nurse has one too).
  • Campers may keep topical medications (must report self application to the nurse for recording)

WHAT TO BRING and other forms

Rather than a what to bring list, we have attached a link to the working camp manual with a list of what to bring.

COMMUNICATION WITH THE CAMP OFFICE (about administrative issues)

The best way to communicate is by email. Please use

The phone number is 352-728-5822.  We are often outside working with the program. Leave a message and if we do not return it in 20 minutes or so call again. Someone is in the kitchen most of the day. 

"One-Way Communication (Camper Emails)" EMAIL MESSENGING SERVICE

  • Parents can send a daily message directly from the Camper Login.
  • Messages are printed (one page per camper / all messages on the same page) and distributed at dinner.
  • To allow others to send your camper a message (or if you want to use the family/friends link instead of the camper dashboard) you must send an invite from the camper dashboard.
  • This sends an email to to those you invite with a link to the mail program and a code linked to your camper.
  • Send an invitation to yourself! It makes it easier to compose a message from your phone.
  • Messages will be printed Sunday - Friday before dinner.
  • Message sent after 4:00 pm are assigned to the next day (we have no way to over-ride this time).
  • You should send your message the night before to avoid missing the deadline.
  • There is no cost for this service.
  • Campers cannot reply - this is a one-way message service.

The Camp Deep Waters Staff