SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

Please call or message with a count for lunch.

  • 9:00 Executive Committee Meeting
    • General Board members are welcome to come.
    • The Financial Report and some old business is on the agenda.
  • 10:00 General Board Committee Meetiings
    • There will be four committee meetings in two sesions
    • Meeting at 10:00
      • Budget and Finance Committee
      • Buildings and Grounds Committee
    • Meeting at 11:30
      • Summer Camp Planning Committee
      • Long Range Planning Committee (Future)
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 1:00  Executive Committee Meeting resumes
    • Committee reports and discussion
    • Complete the EC Agenda from the morning


The ongoing committees are

  • Summer Camp Planning Committee
    The Summer Directors and their program teams usually meet in the spring.
    This committee looks at policies and procedures, director and speaker rotation, evaluation of the previous year and planning for the next summer and beyond.
  • Buildings and Grounds Committee
    On General Board Meeting days they walk around camp and make recommendations for projects and help to prioritize them based on need. Ralph tells them what we plan to the next SOWER season (and things that cannot be done by SOWERs).
  • Nominations
    This committee does not usually meet separately, but looks for qualified men to serve on the Executive Committee.  These nominees are placed on the Corporate Meeting election ballot in January. Any General Board representative may present a nomination to the committee.
  • Budget and Finance Committee - This committee works on the budget.  They tend to meet separately and remotely (online meetings) between October and January to produce the annual budget.  The treasurer works with the Administrative Director to produce a working draft and recommendations for event prices.  The projects that are proposed by the other committees are subjected to cost analysis, and this committee reports to the Executive Committee to help decide which projects are financially feasible each year. 
  • Long Range Planning Committee
    The Buildings and Grounds committee looks at what we have and how to maintain it.  This committee discusses what may be and what should be in the future of camp.  This is not just about buildings, but obout programs, focus, etc.  For years we had a priority list that has not been updated very much since the new cabins were completed. This is a new committee that looks at the future and what our priorities should be.

Contact the Camp Administrative Director for more information on committees.