OCTOBER 14, 2017

Please call or message with a count for lunch.

  • Lunch is provided at 12:00.  The meeting begins after everyone is served.
  • Important topics this year include future projects and the Camp Transportation.
  • Board Members have voting power, but other interested folks are welcome to attend the meeting and to have input on committees.


Ed and Phyllis Scott have served the Lord faithfully for decades here in Central Florida.  Phyllis went home to be with the Lord recently and the memorial was scheduled for the same date and time of the General Board Meeting.  Several of our board members felt strongly that they needed to be at the memorial to honor Phyllis and to comfort Ed and the family.  The executive committee meeting was moved to Friday evening, and the General Board meeting was moved two weeks later.

Actually, this will help us to do some committee work regarding the largest issue on the agenda this time - the future of camper transportation.  If you would like to work with any of the committees you are welcome to attend.  

The ongoing committees are

  • "Summer Program" (the summer directors, speakers, and other planning folks serve on this committee). This committee does not usually meet on the General Board Meeting day. They report directly to the Executive Committee.  However, the issue of camper transportation falls under this committee, so there will be some major brainstorming this year.
  • "Buildings and Grounds" (look at projects and priorities), On General Board Meeting days they walk around camp and make recommendations for projects and help to prioritize them based on need.
  • "Nominations" - This committee does not usually meet separately, but looks for qualified men to serve on the Executive Committee.  These nominees are placed on the Corporate Meeting election ballot in January. Any General Board representative may present a nomination to the committee.
  • "Finance" - This committee works on the budget.  They tend to meet separately and remotely (online meetings) between October and January to produce the annual budget.  The treasurer works with the Administrative Director to produce a working draft and recommendations for event prices.  The projects that are proposed by the other committees are subjected to cost analysis, and this committee reports to the Executive Committee to help decide which projects are financially feasible each year.  The Finance committee folks are very involved with the Summer Program.  They will only meet long enough to include new members in the communications loop.

Contact the Camp Administrative Director for more information on committees.