Camper Health and Safety [Updated 6/10/2020]

We have been using a shared google document to produces the policies and procedures needed to operate summer camp safely.  As the document grows, we pull out pages.  Eventually it will be a supplemental manual of several pages that will be paired with our Summer Staff Manual.

To avoid confusion, we will not post ideas and recommendations that are not close to being final.  Even what is posted here may not be final. As the rules change, we have to change to policies.

What is the goal?

The primary goal of this committee is to identify the risks and produce policies and procedures that will protect the health and safety of our guests (campers and staff).

Related to that goal is to incorporate the rules and recommendations of governing bodies that will allow Camp Horizon to open an overnight summer camp program.

Acknowledgement of Risk - FINAL (PDF) - Updated & expected to be the final form for 2020.

The primary reason for this document is to obtain informed consent from the parent for their child to participate in an overnight summer camp program in light of the risk of Covid-19 and other communicable diseases. We plan to add this to the online forms.  Paper forms will be available if the online form is not completed. It is a supplement to the Parent Agreement already in place.

The first line of defense is the parent. If parents do not knowingly send a sick or exposed child to camp, the safety measures taken at camp have a better chance of being effective.

UPDATE: We are working on a section that will allow the child of a health-care worker or first responder to attend camp.  The current acknowledgement and health checklist appear to exclude campers and even staff that work in healthcare.  Look for a new revision soon.

Health Checklist - FINAL (PDF) - Updated and expected to be the final form for parents.

This is near it's final form.  We will be asking parents to apply this checklist in the week before camp to determine if they should cancel. It will be used at check-in on Sunday, twice daily in the cabins, and stands as the continuous standard for the health professionals on-site to isolate a camper and sent them home.

If a camper has asthma, a chronic cough, etc.  This needs to be reflected in their health form. 

New onset of any of the symptoms on this list ( the policy may read "fever or two or more other symptoms") is cause to call the parent and consider sending the child home as soon as possible.

Parent Info Packet (PDF) This contains all of the forms

Camper drop-off and pickup will be MINIMAL CONTACT. What this means is that only the camper leaves the car (unless we ask for you - we will usually go to you at the window).  This is going to be a lot different for the Junior Camp parents that want to help them pick their bed and unpack.  However, remember this!  As many as one third of our campers traditionally come by van without their parents. The staff is going to miss the socializing and interacting with parents as much as the parents will miss watching their child take the swim test.

Cabin Life

We are reducing the cabin count to eight campers and two staff (ten persons total).

Procedures that are being finalized include but are not limited to:

  • Health Checklist including temperature twice daily
  • Bunk placement
  • Alternating the head-foot sleeping of campers
  • Bathroom/shower/sink routine to eliminate cross contamination
  • Sanitizing routine (when, where, how)
  • and lots more

Dining Hall and Chapel

Chairs will be placed to maximize social distancing.  Cabins will stay together (part of the guideline that currently is for day-camps that groups of ten or less stay together and avoid mingling with other groups).


Many years ago, junior campers did not select their activities.  The cabin group stayed together and rotated through all of the camp activities.  We are looking at that option for Junior Camp and Youth Camp.  This meets the current recommendation for day camps.  We expect a similar recommendation for overnight camps.  This may not be our choice, but to open camp we must have a plan to comply.

All Camp Games

Games like Scavenger Hunt, Gold Rush, Capture the Flag, etc are minimal contact and the campers are spread out over twenty acres.  We do not believe that the social distancing rules will interfere with the fun of a full-camp game.  Some guest groups do two of these per day instead of the scheduled activites.  We may consider this option (two all-camp games) for the Varsity age to allow more socialization.

South Florida Van Transportation

Many camps are not providing transportation this year.  The board has approved the following guidelines for providing transportation from South Florida this year (pending details working out).  If a camper cannot or will not follow these guidelines they cannot ride the van.

  1. If the parent does not complete all forms (acknowledgement of risk, camper health forms, etc), the camper will not be allowed on the van.
  2. If the camper fails the health screening, they will not be allowed on the van.​

South Florida Van Guidlines 2020

  • All campers will be picked up and dropped off in Pembroke Pines
    • There is no pickup or drop-off at PGA
  • All campers will be pre-screened at the pickup site as if they were arriving to camp by car.
    • Temperature check
    • Health Checklist
    • Verify that the parent has signed an Acknowledgement of Risk form
    • Verify that the camper health form is complete.
  • Campers will be encouraged to go to the bathroom before the bus leaves.
    • We are avoiding any stops at all.
    • Lunch and bathrooms will be ready for them on arrival to camp.
  • Social distancing is not possible, so masks and hand sanitizing are required.
    • This is from CDC guidelines for transportation
    • Campers that cannot (asthma) or will not wear a mask are not eligible to ride.
  • No food or drink on the bus
    • If you drink, you are going to need a potty stop (see above)
    • To eat or drink, you have to remove your mask (see above)

UPDATE: All registrations for the PGA stop have been removed and now you can only select Pembroke Pines as the point of pickup and dropoff. This will allow us to have healthcare volunteers check all campers prior to boarding the van.  We are looking at the transport time vs bathroom requirement.  Our reason for avoiding a stop is to limit exposure risk, but we may have to adjust this plan.  if you are planning to use the transportation option, check back over the next few weeks or watch for email notifications.