is available for up to 16 people in each of our twelve (air-conditioned) cabins.  Bathroom and showers are inside the cabins.


Home-style meals are served according to your schedule.
(Meal times must fall between 8am & 6pm) in our Dining Hall.

 We have an air-conditioned craft shop with an electric kiln for
   Meals are prepared in our fully equipped modern kitchen.
The kitchen is not available for use by guest groups.
 Both ends of our pool are shallow. It is great for playing pool
games. Notice also our large open-air gym, sand volleyball court,
and outdoor playing field.
   The chapel is equipped with piano, stage, sound system, overhead, video projector, dry-erase board, and pulpit. 




There are also up to eight lodge (motel-style) rooms available, which
sleep three - five each, and nine second-story dorm-style bedrooms
that sleep up to three each.

We can also operate a concession ("Snak-Shak") at your discretion, with candy and soft drinks, snow cones and popcorn for sale.