We have a small full-time staff of two couples: Steve & Kitty Slusser and Ralph & Lucy VanDemark.  The rest of the labor to keep camp looking good and running programs is provided by volunteers.  We will update the next section each season with specific needs.  Below that is information that applies pretty much all-year.


If you follow us on FaceBook you may know that Steve was in a collision on March 3.  He is limited to office work (no lifting) for about 12 weeks.  Steve takes care of the pool.  This time of year we need to add chlorine three times per week, clean the filter every one or two weeks (more as the water warms), and the pool needs to be brushed and vaccumed.  So, we need a pool person (or persons) to help. 

See Office Help below for more information.

This week is quite busy (March 13-15) as we prepare for canoe trips.  The ladies are packing today and the larger gear is getting loaded back again.  We have to setup the chapel for a conference next week (tables) and we may need cleaning help after the canoe trip takes off on Saturday - because the group arriving Saturday night may use all of the buildings.  Any help is appreciated.

We have a page dedicated to Summer Staff Application . The rules for volunteers changes for the summer camp program.  All summer camp volunteers are screened and fingerprinted.  Anyone processed for summer staff service can be used pretty much year-round in any capacity.

We have a category in the online staff application for Retreat Staff.  The number of required forms to complete is significantly less and background screening is generally not required.  Retreat staff generally workin the kitchen doing meal prep, cleanup, sweeping, cleaning common areas, cleaning and stocking bathrooms, program area setup (camfire, volleyball, boats, archer), etc.  Our online calendar gives some idea of which weekends we are hosting events. The need is mostly for weekends, but we do have a few weekday groups.

Each week we have to clean the buildings used the previous weekend, and spruce up the ones being used next.  We have volunteers through March, but as of now we do not expect to have winter volunteers for April or May.  We use SOWERS (Servants on Wheels Ever Ready) for December - March that live in their own RV and work Monday - Thursday on projects.

  • Cleaning and Stocking
  • Painting inside and out
  • Checking and changing lightbulbs
  • Upgrading fluorescent lighting to LED units (requires electrical skills)
  • Debugging (never ends)
  • Mowing, weed eating - especially around the waterfront.
  • As the water warms, the docks need some board replacements and repair.

If you would like to help wih General Maintenance contact Ralph directly (352) 406-8995

This project is partially funded and we are shopping for plans and for parts.  We will need to buy things like the slide(s), but the platforms are well within the skill level of many of our volunteers.  If you see something that might interest us - forward a link to .  Even if it is not what we are looking for, it may provide us with a source for something else.

Periodically we have had folks take on a project and set aside a regular time to work on it.  We could use such a person to view and name computer files and do some organizational work.  This is keyboard work with our live data storage.  It needs to be someone that takes this responsibility seriously.

We have several things that were donated or otherwise are no longer needed that we are trying to sell.  Steve has been working on this, but not real successfully. 

Believe it or not, we are prepping for summer program  It is time to order supplies for the infirmary, archery targets (to go with our new target stands), etc.  The guns need checking, cleaning, oiled and a few may need to be sent out for repair.  This is probably a full day or two.  The sailboat parts need to be inventoried and determine what needs to be ordered.  The list goes on. 

It is not usually useful or productive to have someone try to help for a day doing some of these projects unless they are doing something that they have done before. For example, summer staff alumni may come to organize the program room, inventory supplies, prepare activity areas for both guest groups and for summer camp use. Others may be willing, but would not know where to start.  However, if you can create a team with at least one knowledgeable leader, that would be useful.

We will try to keep this updated.  If you can help and want to help we ask that you contact us so that we can negotiate a time that works for all concerned.