A Group Hold Registration does several things, including:

  1. It shows camp programs that are not publicly avaialable.
  2. If automatically applies a group discount
  3. It groups campers together in a chapel/church account
  4. It may bill the church for a portion of the camper fees.
  5. It allows for churches to make payments (scholarships).

My church does not have a GHR code.
Codes are provided for churches that send at least twenty campers and request a group discount.
If you think your church should have a code, send us a message.

What happens if I use a GHR code for another church?

  1. We run reports that show the camper GHR code and their church.  If the church does not match the discount will be removed.
  2. The groups are able to login and see their campers.  If the camp representative from the church does not recognize a camper as being from their church, the discount will be removed.

How much are the discounts?
This varies.  Some churches pay all or part of their camper fees. Look for a flyer on the church bulletin board or ask someone. Most contacts include the elders (pastors), the youth leadership, or Sunday School supervisor.

If a code is listed, somebody in your chapel or church has the information.

GHR CODE CHAPEL (Assembly) or CHURCH Discount
bearlake Bear Lake Bible Chapel Assembly
bethany Bethany Chapel By The Sea Assembly
blvd Boulevard Bible Chapel Assembly
boca Boca Raton Bible Chapel Assembly
bridge The Bridge Church Group
btmiami Bible Truth Chapel, Miami Assembly
carrollwood Carrollwood Bible Chapel Assembly
centralbaptist Central Baptist Church Group
central Central Bible Chapel Assembly
clermont Clermont Bible Fellowship Assembly
community Community Bible Church: Palm Bay Group
grace Grace Gospel Chapel Assembly
gracentruth Grace & Truth Bible Fellowship Assembly
hialeah Asamblea Evangelica - Hialeah Assembly
hiawassa Hiawassa Bible Chapel Assembly
hollywood Hollywood Bible Chapel Assembly
lakehowell Lake Howell Bible Chapel Assembly
lolbc Land O Lakes Bible Chapel Assembly
newsmyrna New Smyrna Bible Chapel Assembly
nmb Asamblea Evangelica de North Miami Assembly
ocala Ocala Bible Chapel Assembly

Shows Summer Staff weeks
Show Bunny Camper weeks

Registers Staff and Children of Staff for weeks of camp service.

Allows them to make purchases (shirt, flash-drive, etc), add spending money, and transportation.

AHG American Heritage Girls Allows registration for campers and staff to register for American Heritage Girls - CAMP DEEP WATERS.