The weekly videos (12-20 minutes) show most of these activities.


We tried online activity scheduling in 2017, but abandoned it by the end of the summer.  Our campers and staff enjoy the traditional activity signup which functions like a game.

Signs for the activities available are displayed around the chapel with instructors stationed beneath them.  A grid of the activities and period offered (A-B-C-D) is displayed on the big screen and updated as periods fill.  When the director has explained how it works, the campers are released and line up with their activity sheet in one hand and their best buddies in tow.  This allows campers to choose activities with friends that are not in their cabin.  Their choices are entered into the computer which produces rosters for each class and a master activity list for administration to know where every camper should be at all times.

TYPICAL ACTIVITIES (Gold: Junior Only - Green: Teen Only)
Campers choose four activities each week.

Archery Basketball Canoeing Drama
Fishing Fitness Field Games Gym Games
Handicraft Music Nature Puppets
Riflery (BBs) Riflery (22s) Sailing Swimming
Tubing / Waterski Volleyball Wall Climbing And More

Other activities like "Team Logic", "Bible Topics" etc depend on the staff skills each week.  We have had  collegian baseball players teach baseball skills, and the Games classes include a variety of games that are at times pulled out as an activity (like Ultimate Frisbee).  We are exploring a few other activities ideas gleaned from our meetings with other camp folks. 


The grid above contains activities that the camper chooses.  All-Camp Activities are scheduled as part of the day Sunday - Thursday (Friday is Banquet, Talent, Awards - a full evening).  These include 4-way games in the gym or field and all over the camp games like Capture the Flag.  A night game is often expected at Teen Camp.  These are limited to walking in groups - thinking - not running type games.  Events that have been popular through the years include: Carnival Night - Big Relay - Gold Rush - and games like those.