This is the Summer Directors' Resource Section

If you are a parent looking for a daily schedule you are in the right place.  This page has been only available through the staff resource links.  So it was not hidden, just not obvious.

The new schedules for 2015 will be posted soon.  The campers will pick four activities instead of five this year.  The class periods were too short with the five class schedule.. First Chape Timel is officially moved to the afternoon.  We no longer use the classic schedule which has chapel in the morning, but we will keep that schedule available if a change in the weathe pattern demands a change.  We have the option of switching to that schedule.  Teen Camp directors may also switch the evening activity with chapel to do a late night event.  This is usually done only once per week.

The documents below are used in our summer program and for staff training.
Some are used for keeping score and scheduling our staff.
We hope that you will find them helpful.

All documents are copyright Camp Horizon 2011-2015, all rights reserved.

Program Director's Job Description
This is the weekly director. They provide the theme and correspond with the speaker.  This is not the on-site director's position (Steve).  This is the director named on the Summer Camp Schedule page.

Summer Staff Manual 2011 (Only minor revisions have been made including the new schedules)


SUMMER WEEK SCHEDULES AS OF 2014 (2015 will be posted soon)

Schedule: TEEN CAMP  This is the Rain Schedule with afternoon chapel.

Schedule: JUNIOR  This is the Classic Schedule with morning chapel

New Staff Orientation

Director's Point Sheet

Nugget Signup Sheet

Leader's Prep Reminders

Quick Rules Reference (Counselor's Packet for Weekly Staff)

Banquet Talent

Nurses Cleanup Summary

Camper Discipline Policy

Windows and Stage Dimensions

Bunny Camper Rules (Weekly Staff - as applicable)

Camper Standards of Conduct (Counselors Packet)


Nurse Manual (Older version: Revised version to be posted)

Formulary These are OTC (over the counter) medications that we keep on hand.

Parents indicate preferences & permission for the nurse to provide these medications.
Supply Inventory This includes bandages and other supplies.

Note: See the Camper Health Form for parental acknowledgement of formulary.

These are not all the forms and documents that we have, but are the most commonly used.
If you need a different form or document (from years gone by) you just need to ask. :o)