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The Camp Horizon calendar is filled with events for the spring of 2022.  In order to host these events, volunteers are needed for food service, program setup, general cleaning and turn-around cleaning of housing needed for each event.


Preparation often begins weeks before an event.  However, many events are back-to-back requiring cleaning of housing and common buildings between events.  This process begins when one group leaves and must be complete before the next group arrives.  Many times there is a change in table/chair setup in the dining hall and chapel with each group.


Some programs, like Married Couples and Family Camp require program support that includes caring for youth campers, planning and supervising activities, and activity setup for things like campfires or water sports.  The sports retreats require setup that may involve lining fields or preparing equipment and buildings (gym).  


It usually requires six to eight volunteers to supply cooks and kitchen staff for a camp event.  Some events are during the week (Men's Bible Study), and it is hard to find volunteers that are available.  There are also guest groups that run for six to ten days (three meals per day) that are a challenge to staff.


Volunteer for retreats are not required to complete the full summer camp staff application.  We do need the same basic information required of campers and staff for contact purposes.  In general, most volunteers are summer staff age (15 years through adult).  However, families may serve together.  Children younger than fifteen can wipe tables, sweep, and be a general help.  


There is a special joy that volunteers experience when serving others and serving The Lord.  There is fellowship with other servants, laughter, and fun to be experienced when you serve the Lord at a camp event.
Some events provide a needed service to families, adults, or children.  When you see them benefit from their time at camp, and realize that you helped make that possible, you cannot help but go away feeling blessed.
If you serve during an event, your housing and meals are included.  Every effort is made to help the retreat staff to attend chapel and other events if they would be of the age to participate in the retreat.
If you need community service hours for school or work, these can be documented for you.
If you serve on a turn-around team, you may attend a retreat at a reduced cost (or free).


Generally, there is a registration item called "Retreat Staff" that is not visible when registering online.  Registration allows for housing assignment, announcements, and meal counts.  This usually is done for you in the camp office, then you can see that registration on your camper dashboard. 
Send an email to office@camphorizon.org with your contact information, the event(s) that you are interesed in, and what it is that you can do (food service, program, other).