Rental Groups

Rental Groups


These are provided as examples of activities that you can plan with your group.

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Evangelical ministries that agree in general with our statement of faith and agree to the standards of behavior expected for our guests may apply to host their event at Camp Horizon.  

The Retreat Planning Package contains planning documents including what we believe (statement of faith).

  1. Read our statement of faith and standards of conduct (retreat planner).
  2. Check the event calendar. (Pending events may not be posted).
  3. Please contact camp by email to confirm availability and discuss pricing. ( (We are working to update out online retreat calculator.)

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Rental FAQ

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What is the camp dress code?

In order to ensure that clothing worn by both campers and staff will contribute to the spirit of camp in a positive way, the following guidelines are provided.


All shorts must be at least mid-thigh.  TEST: 1) Sit down, 2) Stand up, 3) Without touching the shorts (pulling them down). Are they mid-thigh?  Shorts or pants that are too tight need to be worn with a long shirt that covers. (YES, THIS MEANS THE GUYS TOO!) 
No words written on the back (seat).



Shirts must cover the midriff at all times and must not hang low underneath the arm. Sleeveless shirts may be worn in the dining hall and chapel if they do not hang low below the arm or reveal undergarments or cleavage. No tank-tops in the chapel or dining hall. Immodestly tight shirts are also inappropriate.


Girls: Tank-Tops may be worn over swim-wear during activities. Girls may not wear shirts that reveal cleavage or undergarments (i.e. NO low shirts, spaghetti strap shirts, tube tops). 

Guys: Tank-tops may be worn during activities. 


Shoes are required in the dining hall and chapel.


No towels in the chapel or dining hall.

Girls: One-piece suits and tankinis that cover the midsection at all times are permitted (revealing mesh cut outs and monokinis are not permitted). Suits should not reveal cleavage, should cover the mid-section, not be high cut or reveal the buttocks (i.e. “cheeky”). If your suit does not meet these requirements, bring along a pair of shorts and/or dark T-shirt to be worn over it at all times.  

Guys: See rules for "shorts". The same rule applies. 


The same requirements that have been mentioned above apply to this category as well.  Dresses and blouses must not show cleavage or midriff and all skirts/dresses/rompers must be approximately ¾ thigh-length while sitting. 


Pajama clothing are not to be worn outside of sleeping areas.


What should we NOT pack?

The following items are not allowed at camp:

  • Tobacco/vaping products
  • Illicit drugs
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Matches, lighters, fireworks
  • Weapons, ammunition
  • Electronic devices (e.g., phones, tablets, music players, etc.)
  • Gum
  • Things that may destroy camp property (e.g., spray paint, silly string, gum, etc.)
  • All money should be deposited into your account or locked in the office

What are Camp Horizon's COVID-19 Protocols?

Camp Horizon will continue to follow all federal, state and local regulations regarding COVID-19. 

Masks and vaccines are not mandiated. If a camper or staff member feel more comfortable wearing a mask, they are more than welcome to. 

We ask that if you answer "yes" to any of the questions below that you remain home.

  1. Have you had a positive COVID-19 test within the last 10 days and not completed your isolation period?
  2. Have you been exposed to someone with a positive COVID-19 test in the past 10 days and not completed your quarentine period?
  3. Have you experienced new or new or worsening symptoms of illness like:
    • Nasal drainage, congestion, or sneezing
    • Sore throat or cough
    • Diarrhea, Nausea, or Vomiting
    • Fever or Chills
    • Muscle aches, joint pain, or fatigue
    • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

How many people can Camp Horizon host?

We can host groups as big as 175 people.