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This is a volunteer position that may include many different roles. 


  • A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ (as Savior)
  • Regular (faithful) attendence to an evangelical fellowship.
  • Two references from among your fellowship, prefereably leaders (Elder, Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, etc).
  • Agreement with the Camp Horizon Statement of Faith
  • A life that is morally pure
  • An honorable testimony to the community as indicated by your social media posts.
  • Age 15 or Entering Grade 10 & Age 15 (by 08/31) through Age 99
  • Successful completion of the required Background Screening for Summer Camp Workers.


  • Camp or ministry experience working with camper-age children
  • Camp skills: Lifeguard, Cooking, Activity Instruction
  • Strong basic Bible Knowledge
  • Strong faith
  • Strong worth ethic

Returning Staff

The following online forms have your 2017-last summer's information.

Staff Profile: Please update your shirt size and look at everything else. 
Background Screening: Verify the information. See when you fingerprints expire.
Staff Testimony: A clear written testimony is required for ALL STAFF (no exceptions)
If you wrote "N/A" or "on-file",  please record your essay.  We do not erase this form from year to year.

NEW IN 2022
There is a form that asks which weeks you can serve.  That same form records your preferred role (counsel, cook, etc).
Essays are required for all program/counselling staff (even adults).

The simple options of High School, Collegian, and Adult have been expanded to indicate gender and role. For example, if you are an adult, do you expect to serve in program or counselling versus adult: support (maintenance, kitchen, etc). This change will make reporting easier to keep up with the number of potential counselors for boys and girls cabins for each week.

Enter Title


You have a camper account and would like to serve on summer staff. Great! Send a message to and we will add staff to your login.

You are a parent or have another non-camper account. Not a problem.  If you are already in the system we can connect you to your camper's login and add staff to your login.  We need a date of birth to do this.  Send the information to and include the camper name that you are attached to.

Proceed directly to the Staff Application login and create your account and login!

Here are seven steps of the staff application process.

STEP ONE (applicant)
Complete all online forms. 
We cannot proceed until forms are complete including two valid references.

STEP TWO (committee)
We now have a committee that reviews the online portion of the applications.  They read the essays and the references.  Unless they put your application on hold - we proceed with sending you the signature forms. 

STEP THREE (office)
The signature forms cannot be printed until we have the online portion done.  They are sent via email unless you notify us that a printed copy is needed.  

STEP FOUR (applicant)
Mail the signed forms to Camp Horizon as soon as possible. You may scan and fax them, but the original signed affidavit must be kept on file at camp.

STEP FIVE (office)
We need the signed forms back to do the online background screening (BGS) and to schedule fingerprinting.  We enter the information into the Florida BGS Clearing House.  This assures that when fingerprinting is done there is a match associated with Camp Horizon and DCF (Division of Children and Families). This is required by law.

STEP SIX (new applicants)
Complete the online BGS form and fingerprinting if prints are not on file.

Note: Fingerprints are retained for five years.  Repeat staff do not need to be printed again. We can re-submit them for a new report. We can also resubmit the online form for most returning staff (if there are no major life changes).

STEP SEVEN (office & applicant)
Once we have all of the online and paper documents in hand and background screening completed we can confirm the week(s) of service.  

We work on staffing one day per week until the end of April, so do not expect instant responses.  For the first two weeks in May we will be working almost daily to confirm background screening documentation and downloading DCF Clearance letters.  We cannot and will not process new applications unless that position is needed and not filled. (Basically, no Junior or High School applications are accepted after May 1).

For the camp staff, our summer begins the week of Memorial Day.  We have guests almost every day until our program begins.  We do not have time to process applications.  So, if you want to serve, apply by the end of April.